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Julie doing yoga by the ocean in Costa Rica.
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With dedication to your health and vitality, I'm honored to provide care and guidance steeped in the vibrant radiance of yoga. May these offerings of yoga classes, therapeutics, workshops, and additional resources inspire and nourish your pure essence of being. I welcome your questions and look forward sharing in the ever present and peaceful horizons of yoga.     Blessings~ Julie

Yoga Classes

Julie Vosters teaching a yoga class in City Park, Appleton, WI.

From therapeutic to physically adventurous, all classes are rooted in precise alignment techniques for safety and efficacy while an infusion of vibrant mindfulness uplifts one's spirit.

Yoga Therapy

Julie Vosters doing yoga therapy in the Fox Valley.

Skillful application of yogic principles to assist healing and optimize well-being as related to management and recovery from illness and injury.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Julie Vosters doing enhanced athletic performance in Oshkosh, WI

Training optimization through targeted strength and flexibility techniques to improve functioning, achieve goals, and rehabilitate injuries.